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Allergies • March 27, 2021 Why Blaming the Dog for Your Allergies is Wrong: 3 Simple Steps on How to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Inquisitive dog

When it comes to seasonal allergies or environmental allergies, people feel they are unavoidable and that the blame generally can be placed on a beloved pet or the season. This is only partially true, because what we do with our daily choices has a huge impact on our responses to our beloved pets or the change in seasons––spring allergy symptoms, in particular.


We have to set up our immune system to prevent overreaction to common “allergens” like pollen, dust mites, and pets. And, yes, I believe allergies are an overreaction.

The more in balance our immune system is, the less likely we are to react to what we’ve been exposed to for centuries. (Allergies have really only reached epidemic proportions in the last 60 years). The question becomes, how do we create internal balance to battle the onslaught of allergic response?

Besides installing a HEPA filter, here are 3 steps you can take to help boost your immunity: 


Heal your gut

Healing your gut to improve your immune system/allergies will seem logical when you consider over 90% of your immune reaction is determined by the GI tract, where the majority of your immune system lives. How do you heal your gut?

  • Avoid foods that are known gut disruptors like gluten and dairy. I was able to drop 3 different allergy meds by just doing this. Gluten and dairy sensitivity are very real and if you can avoid them for 10-14 days and allergies get better, then you have a solution. You may be able to reintroduce small amounts, depending on the health of your gut.
  • Supplements for allergies should start with things like EpiIntegrity Powder and Poly-prebiotic powder  to help your good gut bacteria to thrive. This will calm the immune system down and in doing so, your seasonal/environmental allergy symptoms should improve.


Change your Diet

 Food plays a huge role in gut integrity, and it can also directly cause more histamine release from mast cells. Here are some simple dietary interventions that can help:

  • Avoid high histamine foods like strawberries, red wine, chocolate, and peanuts to name a few, and when you do eat these foods use a histamine degradation enzyme that works in our GI tract such as GI Histamine Control and take 2 capsules before ingesting high histamine foods. 
  • Avoid processed foods and focus on colorful whole fruits (not juices) and vegetables.  High antioxidant foods have the cofactors for breaking down histamine, like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, and will calm the immune system with their polyphenol content.


Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies and Environmental Allergies

Supplements for seasonal allergies should not replace the above dietary recommendations. But while you are on your way to clean eating, sometimes you need help. Here are some seasonal allergy treatments to support you when the allergies are winning, despite your best efforts.  

  • Quercetin This inexpensive solution is a potent antioxidant but addresses mast cells (which release histamine) very effectively.  
  • Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid 1 gram twice a day to break down histamine along with B6.
  • Vitamin B6 This can usually be obtained in a good multivitamin like PureGenomics Multi.
  • Histaleve or Histaleve Jr.-This is a combination product with Quercetin and Vitamin C as well as some extras like Stinging Nettle and NAC (which thins mucus). This is one of my favorites and highly effective, which requires a loading dose of 2 caps 3 times a day for one week, then 1 cap twice a day thereafter. It also comes in a chewable form for kids.
  • Hist Reset This is a new formulation which adds luteolin, which is a powerful mast cell stabilizer and so prevents histamine release. There are also other flavonoids like quercetin and rutin to help with NAC.

Seasonal allergies or environmental allergies are unfortunately a part of modern life for many of us, but the fact that we can overcome them with life choices is extremely empowering.