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We’re a functional medicine-based practice dedicated to exploring relevant issues for proactive health and vitality. We treat each patient for their unique concerns through an individual approach. By utilizing the proper interventions, we’ll empower you to co-create your personalized healing care plan.


Our Services

Functional Medicine Evaluation:

At Good Medicine, we start each of our services with a 2.5 hour, initial evaluation to detect the root cause of your issues. Nathan Morris, MD believes “MD” should stand for “Medical Detective” and he specializes in everything from maximizing your health goals to obtain vibrant health, to working with complex patients who have been everywhere else with no success, desperately seeking a provider who is able to put the pieces together and find an actual solution.

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    Personalized Care Plans

    We believe in meeting you where you're currently at in your healing journey. Care Plan Appointments help patients look at the big picture.

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    Nutrition Coaching

    Our nutrition coach helps you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes with an individualized wellness program that meet your needs.

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    IV Therapy

    Many patients who seek our help have not experienced any health improvements with medications and high doses of oral supplements.

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    Good Medicine Labs

    At Good Medicine, we offer discounted labs onsite. Talk with our Lab Director about any questions you may have or schedule an appointment.

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    Video Conference Telehealth

    We offer our patients HIPPA compliant, video conferencing appointments in place of the traditional phone consultations.

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Our Programs

The first steps to a healthy family happen before your baby is born. It starts with you; your health and your environment. Preparing your own body prior to conception allows you to optimize your baby’s development and health.

Remission for your child only comes when the parents lead by example. The healing of the family is a shared journey with the child. This Life empowers the entire family to heal; which creates sustainable change to experience autism remission.


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