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Allergies • April 1, 2021 Greasing the skids for a glass of red wine!

Wine is something that many people consume which can cause headaches and often, allergy symptoms, and back home (Louisiana) we always say when we are going to make something easier, we will “grease the skids”.

Happily, there’s a solution that makes things like red wine consumption much more enjoyable and less punishing.

There are numerous reasons for this punishment, as this paper outlines regarding histamine. Red wine is not only high in histamine as are tomatoes, chocolate, and strawberries but alcohol and its metabolite, acetaldehyde, does several things to make you miserable:

  • It causes histamine release in mast cells that line our gut. (upset stomach)
  • It competes for the enzyme that breaks down histamine metabolites (red cheeks; flushing)
  • It inhibits the DAO enzyme which breaks down histamine
  • It affects the brain’s ability to break down histamine (restless sleep)

Besides the histamine problem: Alcohol is sugar, which messes with your detox pathways (therefore causing hangovers to last)

Fortunately, I have found with both high histamine foods like my beloved chili, or an occasional glass of bourbon or red wine, taking two (2) GI Histamine Control capsules before consumption makes all the difference.

Here comes the inevitable precaution: We are re-evaluating studies that showed that alcohol is good for you, especially daily intake. This should be an on-occasion activity, like 1-2 times per week.

When that time comes where you just want a good glass of wine, not a bottle, then Gi Histamine Control should help you enjoy it to the fullest.