Video Conference Telehealth

Have you ever wanted to save a trip to the office, but still want to see your doctor?

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • Patient Portal

  • Less Office Visits

We offer our patients HIPPA compliant, video conferencing appointments in place of phone consultations. You now have access to see your doctor even if you don’t come into the office. Patients will be setup with their own Patient Portal and can login to access the appointment or download the CHARM Telehealth app.

    TeleHealth Appointments

    Email Notifications

    For every TeleHealth appointment booked, patients get an automated email with instructions for joining the TeleHealth session.

    You will need to have set up your Patient CHARM account. You received an email with the subject line: Patient Portal Registration/Dr. Morris. Find this email and create your Patient Portal Account.

    Patient Check-in

    Patients are allowed to check-in for TeleHealth consults 30 mins prior to the appointment time. Here is the procedure to join the video session from your CHARM patient portal.

    1. Log in to Patient Portal and go to the ‘Appointments’ section
      PHR Dashboard
    2. Click on the ‘Check-in’ button shown next to the appointment
      TeleHealth Appointment Checkin
    3. Select the state of residence and click on the ‘Join’ button. Then wait for the provider to join the meeting
    4. If you are a parent and would like to join the Video Consult with your college student for an example; your child can share the url he/she receives in the Email Confirmation for the Video Consult Appointment.

    For any questions, call 513-273-9944 and choose the first extension for New Patients. Our Clinical Coordinator, Kara Badgley, is happy to answer any questions.

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