The first steps to a healthy family happen before your baby is born. It starts with you; your health and your environment. Preparing your own body prior to conception allows you to optimize your baby’s development and health.

Proactive Pregnancy

This program is designed for proactive parents who not only want to optimize the chances of successful full-term pregnancies, but also minimize the chances of childhood conditions such as ear infections, colic, skin conditions, developmental delays, learning disabilities, digestive issues, asthma and more by using the fundamentals of Functional Medicine. Conscious Conception also works toward healing the underlying medical conditions that may result in infertility. For more on Conscious Conception watch this video.

  • Topics Include

    • Financial Planning

    • Non-Violent Communication

    • Nutrition / Lifestyle

    • Genetic Consultations

    • Fertility

    • Preventing Gestational Diabetes

    • Hypertension

    • Birth Control

    • Electronics (Effects of Ultrasounds)

    • Structural Integration Work

    • Somatic Release Therapy

    • Vaccinations

    • Recommended Functional Medicine Labs

    • Vitamin D3

    • Thyroid Panel

    • Heavy Metal Toxicity

    • Insulin

    • Glucose

    • 23andMe

"In the past 10 years, the CDC has documented a 300% increase in Autism Spectrum Disorders. That is a 30% annual increase. The CDC states 1 out of 6 children are living with one or more chronic condition."

Phases of Care


Phase One:

This 4-week course will set the stage for the 6 months prior to a couple conceiving.

During this phase, you will have an appointment with Dr. Morris to review both partners’ genetic information as well as personalized Care Plan sessions. During these, you will receive supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations, address insulin resistance and environmental triggers, and explore family heritage and communication styles to strengthen the integrity of your relationship. Financial planning is also included to help budget for Functional Medicine medical expenses. Together, we give young women and their partners a plan to have the greatest opportunity to prepare their inner and outer environment for their future family.


Phase Two:

Once a foundation is established with our 4-week course, our Care Plan Facilitator will follow families as they layer in the medical piece to their personalized Care Plan.

Couples will meet with Dr. Morris for an extended medical appointment to review labs such as heavy metal toxicity, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and address issues like high glucose, insulin resistance, and low thyroid. During this phase, the couples will dive more into the medical piece of their Conscious Conception Care Plan and discuss the steps they can take to optimize their pregnancy and birth.

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