Remission for your child only comes when the parents lead by example. The healing of the family is a shared journey with the child. This Life empowers the entire family to heal; which creates sustainable change to experience autism remission.

Healing Steps

Autism Remission offers Individual Coaching Packages as well as a 4-week community outreach program for families to create a personalized Care Plan and live the solution. Healing from Autism takes time; a plan allows parents to be proactive by bringing the future into the present. Personalized Care Plans break down overwhelming information and data into reasonable steps based on the family’s current, unique situation. By layering interventions in an intelligent sequence, you can prevent causing harm from ill-timed medical interventions. We start by improving the child’s constitution, addressing the underlying triggers of symptoms, and planning for periods of stabilization. In addition, a Care Plan designs a personalized budget to prevent families from going into financial crisis. Autism Remission creates circles of influence within communities to build support systems for the entire family to heal.

Over the last 12 years, the CDC has found that the prevalence of Autism has increased 289.5%


The Problem

It is now widely accepted that kids can emerge from this once thought dead-end diagnosis. However, with the massive amount of information available, families are trying every expensive, out-of-pocket medical intervention out there. Families are going bankrupt and are struggling to sustain the recommended nutrition / supplements and other biomedical therapies they need. It’s common for families to feel defeated if they haven’t reached recovery within 4 to 5 years.


The Solution

We plan for our kid’s college fund, for retirement, and now, we must begin planning for Autism Remission. Creating a personalized Care Plan takes into consideration all aspects of your life: finances, priorities, schedule, siblings, marriage, home atmosphere, environmental triggers, etc. We will also examine toxic body burden, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, infections, broken pathways of detoxification, intestinal permeability, and chronic inflammation.

Package Offerings

We currently offer three different packages with our Autism Remission program. If you are unsure about which package would be best suited for you, feel free to give our office a call and we can assist you.


Looking for individualized care for your child with Autism?

The Individual Package includes:

  • Vimeo Access to Key Concept Videos
  • Digital Workbook and Care Planner
  • Supplement Discount Code
  • Genetic Consultation
  • Functional Medicine Analysis
  • 8 Coaching Sessions with Program Facilitator, Kara Badgley
Group Participant

Seeking community support from families with Autism?

The Group Package includes:

  • Vimeo Access to Key Concept Videos
  • Digital Workbook and Care Planner
  • Supplement Discount Code
  • Suggested: Starter Supplements Pack
  • Optional Add-On: Coaching Session with Program Facilitator, Kara Badgley

Want information about the training and pricing?

The Leader Package includes:

  • Access to a Digital PR Library
  • 4 Week Videos to Accompany Curriculum
  • Digital Leaders Workbook and Care Planner
  • Supplement Discount Code

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