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Making Functional Medicine Affordable for All

Good Medicine was founded as a functional medicine practice built on the belief that medicine should be focused on identifying and repairing the cause of diseases, rather than just treating the symptoms. We wanted to help turn the tide of chronic illness and treat the “untreatable” conditions like autism. Over the years, we’ve been able to help a lot of patients and our passion for functional medicine has continued to evolve.

We are excited to make an even larger impact in the functional medicine arena by continuing to expand our supplement offerings and begin providing more insights and education on how you can apply for functional medicine. If you want to learn more about our transition read “The Backstory” below.

Due to the shift in our practice’s focus, Dr. Morris is no longer accepting patients. Below you can view a list of the recommended doctors in the area. If you are a current patient, you can fill out the Records Release Form. To keep up with what we are doing at Good Medicine, you can visit our new online supplement store!

The Backstory

Good Medicine was established to help turn the tide on chronic illness and treat the “untreatable” conditions like autism. It was for this reason that I practiced Functional Medicine for 10 years in a clinical setting and loved the work I did to discover the root causes of illness from chronic fatigue to multiple sclerosis.

A great joy of this practice was the day-to-day education of my patients, empowering them to lead healthy lives and providing the opportunity to understand how to stay healthy. This desire to empower patients led me to develop PureGenomics, a platform to further help them understand how their genetics could be influencing their health. This helped me to truly personalize their care plan.

The desire to educate has led me to many new opportunities to reach those patients and physicians who have the same goals for their patients: lasting health. I will be a member of a team that will educate medical students, residents, and community providers. This functional medicine approach will reach millions through the providers we educate across the nation, making the knowledge of personalized healthcare available to all, free of cost.

The Good Medicine website will evolve into its own education platform where I will be sharing all the knowledge of 20 years of practice. To help support this educational effort, the webstore will remain open discounts and full lines of supplements. I believe that pharmaceutical grade supplements should be affordable for all as they implement life changes. I hope this helps fulfill that goal and brings about the change in medicine we all desire.

To help support the education platform and supplement store will be my long-time employees, Jen Schmitt and Carman Clark. They are truly passionate about health and the role Functional Medicine can play in personalized health. Jen Schmitt, is available by phone (513) 273-9944 if needed, and as our supplement store manager, to answer questions and help you with any supplements you need.

As a certified health coach, Carman is available to help with establishing a foundational regimen of diet and supplements through phone appointments. She can be reached at (513) 273-9944.

As a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, I will be bringing the latest education to the platform and will be moderating the supplement store to make the best lines of pharmaceutical grade supplements available to you.

With appreciation to all of the patients who have spurred me on to be the kind of doctor I’d like to see. One who cares enough to find root causes, educate themselves, and provide knowledge of proactive solutions.

Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. — Hippocrates

Nathan Morris, MD