Our Care Team

Medical practice is just one piece to a comprehensive care plan.

In order to maximize the results of the medical piece and to recover our independence, health, and vitality from chronic conditions and developmental delays, we strongly encourage patients to layer well-timed pieces to a care plan. These pieces will work in combination to support our patients’ bodies to heal from countless medical conditions resulting in various symptom sets. We have created our Patient Provider Workbook to summarize the various pieces to a care plan. Ask about it today!

Kara Ware

Clinical Coordinator & FMCHC


Annie Morris

Structural Integration Therapist, LMT


Carman C.

Office Mngr, Medical Asst & Health Coach


Desiree Jones

Medical Assistant/Lab Tech



Medical Assistant & Receptionist



Medical Assistant & Receptionist

Our Team Knows How to Live the Solution

We highly recommend scheduling appointments with our Collaborative Care Team to continue evolving your personalized care plan. Each of our team members have experienced their own personal and family healing journey from debilitating health symptoms. Our team knows how to Live the Solution and is eager to help you experience the same good fortune.