Genetic Testing

Why Do We Utilize Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing has become an important tool that helps elucidate interventions that compliment our plan of care. Although it is not a “fix all” for our problems, we have found that it is quite helpful and important. We’ve helped develop the Pure Genomics Web Application, available to you for free so the only expense to you for genetic testing is the initial cost for a test kit. Within 23andMe, patients can choose either the Ancestry Kit ($99) or the Health & Ancestry Kit ($199). Both kits provide the raw data required for PureGenomics to pull the researched, relevant and responsive SNP’s for Dr. Morris to personalize your care.

After completing your 23andMe genetic test, you will not need to do any more testing as your genome does not change. If you are coming into the office to discuss genetics, please notify the staff so a longer appointment can be arranged.

Follow the steps to genetic testing below.


Genetic Test

  • Purchase Kit

    Visit to purchase either an Ancestry OR a Health + Ancestry saliva kit.

  • Instructions

    Follow the instructions provided with the kit.

  • Email Confirmation

    You’ll get an email from 23andMe® when your results are ready.


Genetic Translator

  • Contact PureGenomics®

    Contact our office to get started with PureGenomics®.

  • Register

    Our staff will send you a PureGenomics® email invitation with a link to register for an account.

  • Connect 23andMe®

    Log into your PureGenomics® account and select “Connect with 23andMe®”. The information will populate your practitioner’s account to review with you at your next appointment.


Genetic Consultation

  • Schedule Consultation

    Schedule a 30 minute Genetic Consultation to personalize your supplements.

  • Review

    Review your test results together.

  • Supplements

    Modify your supplements based on your results.

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