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Our Annual Membership Model

The functional approach to health goes beyond treating mere symptoms, and instead discerns root causes with the goal of achieving greater health and vitality. A comprehensive approach offers a variety of services that are not covered by private health benefit plans or government health benefit plans. For this reason, we have a “Fee for Service” structure. To keep these fees reasonable for an office visit, we have continued our membership model which helps cover services provided when you are not actually in the office.

This proactive program requires our patients to be an active partner in their health, to believe in addressing the root cause of disease, to have a desire to age well, and to avoid or to heal chronic disease and developmental delays. We offer this membership program so that we can continue to provide the kind of care that our providers want to practice and our patients want to receive.


Initial $850 Membership Fee Covers:

  • Initial two-hour visit.
  • Chart review, 30 minutes prior to visit.
  • Hour phone consultation with our Clinic Coordinator, prior to visit.
  • 30 minutes with our Health Coach or Structural Integration Therapist.

Follow Up Appointments:

Your first follow up appointment is an extended appointment of 45 minutes, costing an additional $210.

All visits after will be a standard rate of $140 / 30 minutes. Subsequent annual membership fees are $150.


Services Covered by Annual Membership:

  • Writing / faxing prescription refills to pharmacies, outside of office visits.
  • 15% off retail prices for nutritional supplements purchased from our practice.
  • Access to low-cost laboratory studies.
    • Usually a 80% – 90% discount on retail charges.
    • Must obtain blood work order from our office and have the blood drawn here.
  • Guaranteed, same day 15-minute appointments.
    • If you call us before noon and the doctor is scheduled in office.


We strive to maintain a high standard of care for our patients. We created our Good Medicine model based on our unwillingness to compromise or cut corners just because of insurance company shortcomings. However, in the current environment of managed health care, many insurance companies are adding more and more restrictions on what they will allow for their subscribers and penalize doctors who provide more in-depth services and treatments. We highly recommend reading your specific insurance contract to determine if your current insurance policy has out of network benefits.


How Do I Become a Patient?

Download the Information PacketPrint, and Fill it Out.

Mail or Fax (513-273-9966) Packet with Payment. We CANNOT receive this via email or over the web. This is not HIPPA compliant.

Receive a Call from our Team and Schedule your Appointments.


How Does This Affect:


Each visit, you will receive a superbill that includes standard billing details, should you choose to submit your claims to insurance. You may have the option of submitting your superbill to receive reimbursement, from your insurance provider, based on your out-of-network benefits in your plan. For labs and compounded prescriptions, it is recommended to call your Insurance Company for Prior Authorization. Be sure to know the diagnostic code before calling your insurance company for Prior Authorization.

Ask your insurance company about their Non-Network-Claim Form and Non-Network-Claim filing addresses. In addition, you will still be able to use HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) to cover medical costs. Our fee for services will now be $70.00 per 15 minutes, well below the industry standard. Routine follow up office visits will now be $140.00 and 30 minutes long. Acute visits (addressing one acute problem only, i.e: sore throat, cough, fever, etc.) will be $70.00 and 15 minutes long.


Good Medicine is no longer a Medicare provider. Please read this form to better understand how patients accept the full responsibility for payment, at time of service, for all services provided by Good Medicine.

Primary Care Coverage

Dr. Morris is a solo medical practitioner and specializes more in the role of a functional medical consultant. There will be times that having an additional primary care doctor will be advantageous to address the acute issues that may arise. In addition, Dr. Morris will no longer be prescribing Opiates or Stimulants on a chronic basis. These prescriptions will be used only for short-term issues (less than 30 days); therefore, if you are intending long-term use of these items, you will need to arrange for another provider to prescribe these medications.


Most Importantly, it is our honor and pleasure to have a care partnership with you. We, as a team, appreciate your loyalty. We understand that just as we have made critical decisions based on our priorities, you will be making the same important decisions for yourself. If you choose to have another physician oversee your care, as a courtesy via your previous membership, we will continue to extend your membership discount for supplements.


Ready to Become a Patient?

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